Line up

The Ultimate Royal extravaganza at
Hosted by Theresa Mayday
With, amongst many others, Dame Jodie Harsh, Sir Dave ‘Johnny Bottom’ Clarke, The Old Spice Girls,
Pipsi & Shirley, The Doppel Decker Gang, Susan Boyled and Sir John van Bellend.

The Crème de la Crème of True Vintage UK-Garage at

Hosted by Good Ol’ Club de Ville Speedfreax and Lady Bun-Bunt
With, amongst many others Oi-Bro’s & Oi-Sistas, HRH ‘Groovemaster’ Johnson,
Gomes the Duke of Go-Gones and Lady Bee.

London’s Swinging Sixties Come Alive in

Hosted by Mary Quantum, the Pik Panther, Twiggy and Sir Austin Powers’ Gold Member
With, amongst many groovy others, Mr. & Mrs. David Cameron, the Duchess and Duke of Shagadellic: Lady Candice in the Wind-Star and Sir Paul M. Neverready.


Lady Diano – Sir Paul McCartniet – Nigel ‘Can’t Barrage The’ Farage – Agent 013: James Bofkont – Pickled Egg Piccalilly Circusdirecteur – Tony Blaar – Dame Vivienne Wedgewood – Sir Johnny Rotte Stilton – West End Boys & East End Girls – Anaalzwemmer – Down the Cliff Richard – Lekker-Over-Straat-In-Een-Winterse-Plens- regen-In-Je-Goedkope-Overhemd-Of-Bloedordinaire-Korte-Jurkje – Sir John Lennot – Gilbert & George & Mildred – Robin Hoodlum – Sir Edward Conan Dweil – Witte Boon in Tomatensaus – Sir Elton Joint & Kiri Wiet – Absolutely Not-Tinghammer – Dame Judy Wench – Shakespierewiet – Jack the Dipper – Boris Johnskont Stonehenger – Amy Wijnsaus – Sir David Etterburough – Fifty Shades of Earl Grey – Sherlock Homie – Cricket- spelregelsuitlegger – Sir Alfred Hitchcockhals – David ‘Lekker’ Becken – Margareth Thrasher – De Hondekop uit Baskerville – Lady Agatha Christniet – The Duke of Winderigheid – Lower Middle Upper Middle Lower Class – John Speed & Emma Piel – The Kreagles – Chief Inspector Clouso-so – Hen & Stag Party Pooper – Sean Connerniet – Theezakkenwasser – Adelephant – Oliver Twist & Shout – The Duke of Wellington of Niettington – Mevrouw Boeket – Mister Bean There Done That – Sir David Bowniet – Wandelende Red Telephone Box – Sir Verlies-Ton Churchill – Koninklijke Corfibalhond – Kate ‘Double-Decker’ Bus – King Richard I, II, III, Iv, V, Vi, Vii, Viii, Ix, X, Et Cetera – Charles Dickhead – Freddie Mac Curry – Prince Albert Piercings – The Roll-Ator Stones – Ex-Man van Elizabeth Taylor – It’s All Gone Very Wrong Pete Tong – Sir Richard Burp-Ton The Arsebisshop Of Can’t-Bury – Alice In Bedonderland – John Player ‘Not That’ Special – Queen Victorinot Black Addertje Onder Het Gras – Steven Hawking’s Black Holly Hobbie – Nigella Lawson Of A Bitch – Top of The Flopster – Yorkshire Puddinghoofd – Harry Snotter – Lord of The Kring-Spier – Winnie The Poeh-Ha Queen Elizabeth’s Hoofddoekjes – Gordon Ramsnie – The Salvation Army of Suckers – Charlie Chaplin or Out – Naakt met Marmite Ingesmeerd – The Teletubbies Featuring Tinky Stinky, Fikse Dipsy, Naa-Naa & No Lawrence Of Arabi-Nee – Patsy Knetterstone – Upton Or Downton Abbey – Henry I, Ii, Iii, Iv, V, Vi, Vii, Viii, Ix, X, Et Cetera – John Cleevage – Humpty Dumpt-Nie – Admiraal Dubbele Nelson – The Jolly Good Old Young Ones – Bryan Herry – Victorie-Ja, Victorie-Nee – Benny ‘Down The’ Hill – The Three Pints – Boy George Michael Caine – Nee-Mie Oliver – Wimbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Wimbledon Tennisoutfitje – Ta-Ta!

Umbrella’s, School Uniforms, Red Haired Gingers, Bowler Hats, Umbrella’s, Blazers, Red Haired Gingers, Morning Dress, Umbrella’s, Flat Caps, Red Haired Gingers, Wellington Boots, Umbrella’s, Lounge Suits, Red Haired Gingers, Trench Coats, Umbrella’s and Fog Horns. And Umbrella’s. And Red Haired Gingers.

No Scottish or Irish Attire. This is an English affair.
Absolutely no Kilts, Bagpipes, Whiskey-drinkers or Orange Walkers.
Bono is a No-no.


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